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About EDGA

EDGA was formed in Wiesbaden in the year 2000 by organisations representing golfers with disability from seven countries. Today the association is made-up of the National Governing Bodies of 28 countries from different parts of the world.Stratigic Plan Large Although EDGA was originally focused on the European dimension, organisations from around the World have regularly referenced EDGA for direction, advice and more specifically the definitions of impairment, eligibility and tournament criteria.

As a world organisation EDGA is uniquely positioned to support the development of initiatives which promote, the development of golf for individuals with impairment, positively influence public perception and offer meaningful and relevant advice to golf’s ruling authorities.


We help individuals with impairment to start, stay, succeed and enjoy golf. We advise and guide organisations on tournaments, training and services to golfers with disability.


EDGA will continue to transform from what is primarily a membership organisation to an association which assists all reputable organisations who wish to develop, support or deliver initiatives focused on helping broaden the golf opportunity for individuals with impairment.

Our vision: To become the leading advisor on the provision of golf for the physically, intellectually and visually impaired.



EDGA is an international non-profit organisation formed and run by non-governmental, non-profit national sports organisations for golfers with disabilities. EDGA is registered with the Chamber of Commerce, The Hague, The Netherlands: number 27331658.


Since the 6th of April 2012 EDGA has a new Constitution. Download the English PDF-version. In this unofficial English translation an attempt has been made to be as literal as possible without jeopardising the overall continuity. Inevitable, differences may occur in this translation, and if so, the original Dutch version will be applicable and fully complies to Dutch law. Download Constitution. If you really find this subject interesting then you might also like to read The English unofficial translation of the articles of association of EDGA

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EDGA is committed to protecting your privacy and processing your personal data in accordance with the Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (Dutch Data Protection Act). This policy explains how information we collect about you is used and kept secure, your privacy choices when using our website, and your right to access your information under the Data Protection Act. Download Privacy Policy