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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about EDGA please read through the various sections on this website or contact us at mail@edgagolf.com

I would like to enter a tournament which is on the EDGA tournament schedule. How can I check to find out if I am eligible to play?

It is great that you want to play in an EDGA approved tournament. If you are affiliated or federated to your national organising authority and have an official EGA or CONGU golf handicap, along with an EDGA pass, then you should be fine to play. You can get more information on the above at the following links to the specific areas of our website.

Click here for EDGA member countries. If your country of affiliation or federation is not in the list of member countries, you may still be eligible to play, so don't despair just drop an email to our secretary mail@edgagolf.com who will check your eligibility and get back to you.

Premier and Challenge series are open to players with golf handicaps up to 36, whereas Access series allow players up to handicap 54.

There are no photos of me on the EDGA website, can you tell me why?

The media for the website has either, been transferred from the previous site or has been collected since November 2014. We are very keen to make appropriate media available and will be happy to accept your photos, video or audio files. In the first instance please send an email to info@edgagolf.com with your details and a summary of the type of media that you have.

Where can I find the Definitions of Impairment on the new website?

The current Definitions of Impairment can be found on the events page, under eligibility criteria.

How do I obtain an EDGA Pass?

Print the EDGA Assessment Form and ask your medical doctor or physiotherapist to complete it in accordance with the instructions. When completed, send the form to the nearest EDGA medical classifier in your country/area.

I have lost my EDGA Pass

You may request a new EDGA Pass by email to mail@edgagolf.com stating your full name and address and the last known location of the pass.

I have not yet received my EDGA Pass and would like to play in the next tournament

Please request this by email along with your full name and address to mail@edgagolf.com. Upon receipt the EDGA secretary will arrange for the tournament organisers to provide you with your EDGA pass.

How can I enrol for an EDGA tournament?

Select the tournament from the list of tournaments displayed on the home page and providing it’s available for booking, you will be presented with full details of the event and a link for the entry form. Please ensure that for form is submitted before the stated cut-off date.  

 How can I be sure to have a fully disabled hotel room during the tournaments?

The fully disabled rooms will be reserved for the wheelchair players who are not able to walk. Unfortunately most hotels don’t have many of these disabled rooms so we contact the players and the hotel prior to the tournament and try to arrange the best solution. EDGA can never guarantee a fully disabled room for all wheelchair players.

Can I use a buggy during the tournaments?

Only if you are in the possession of an EDGA pass with a Buggy indication. If you have a temporary injury which requires a buggy then please ask a member of the EDGA medical staff at the tournament for a temporarily buggy indication.

My federation is not an EDGA member, can I still play the EDGA tournaments?

Players who are not a member of an EDGA member organisation will be charged a fee of €25 as opposed to the regular €10 when registering for a tournament.

I am not an European citizen but I would like to play the European Championships.

All of the Open EDGA tournaments are accessible for all disabled players who are in the possession of an EDGA medical pass. The EDGA European Individual and TEAM championship are only accessible for European citizens who are a member of their National Federation.

I don’t have an EDGA pass, can I play the EDGA tournaments?

The Organising Committee will only accept applications for entry from players who meet the EDGA eligibility regulations for the specific tournament series, and who are a member of their EDGA Member Organisation. In the case of a country/territory where there is no Member Organisation then a player must be a member of their national Golf Federation.

Please click here to find out more about eligibility.

What is an EDGA ACCESS series tournament?

The EDGA “ACCESS” SERIES is open to impaired players from all human handicap categories and from all six golf handicap categories (see 1.10. 2014 Organising an EDGA approved tournament) who meet the eligibility criteria. Players will compete together in Golf handicap categories. The format of these tournaments may be single or multi round, stroke, match-play or stableford. Minimum of 18 holes. Playing in Golf handicap categories.

What is an EDGA CHALLENGE series tournament?

The EDGA “CHALLENGE” SERIES, is open to impaired players from all human handicap categories and from golf handicap categories 1-5 (see 1.10. 2014 Organising an EDGA approved tournament) who meet the eligibility criteria. Organisers may decide to play the tournament in Golf or human handicap categories, and have the option to hold a single human handicap category tournament. These tournaments will be played over a minimum of 36 holes and may be played in the stroke, match-play or stableford format. Minimum 36 holes. Optional tournament format to be agreed with the EDGA Selection Committee.

What is an EDGA PREMIER series tournament?

The EDGA “PREMIER” SERIES will be open to impaired players from all human handicap categories and from Golf handicap categories 1-4 (see 1.10. 2014 Organising an EDGA approved tournament) who meet the eligibility criteria. Players will compete together in Golf handicap categories. These tournaments will be played over a minimum of 36 holes and may be played in the stroke, match-play or stableford format. These tournaments are an ideal opportunity to expose the game even more in the countries where they are being held. It is expected that a Premier series tournaments will have a pre-tournament Am-Am and will host an awareness seminar / clinic during the practice or Am-Am day. Minimum 36 holes. Am-Am. Awareness seminar

Will golf be a Paralympic sport in 2020?

The EDGA Paralympic Task Force is working hard to get Golf accepted as a Paralympic sport in 2024.

I would like to organise an EDGA tournament, where do I start?

You can download the form “Request for an EDGA badge tournament” and the manual “Organising an EDGA approved tournament”, please see our Organising a Tournament page. If you have questions please send an email to a member of the EDGA Sport Committee and they will gladly assist you. The EDGA Sport Committee should receive an application from parties (host) wishing to organise an EDGA approved tournament. The Sport Committee will analyse the application and if possible offer a position in the Premier, Challenge or Access series depending on the conditions stated. A Sport Committee member will be nominated to help/advise the host and to agree the details of the event.

Does EDGA cater for Senior tournaments?

For the moment we do not have Senior tournaments.

Does EDGA cater for Wheelchair Only tournaments?

EDGA has got one official Wheelchair tournament in Spain, The European Challenge for Wheelchair Golfers. See the EDGA tournaments page for more details

Can you write me a special letter to play my home course tournaments out of a buggy?

EDGA is not able to write such a letter. Some European federation are able to write a letter that you are allowed to play the National Competition and the home course tournament out of a buggy.

Are EDGA tournaments played in Congu or EGA?

Irrespective of non EGA and CONGU handicaps, EDGA will follow The EGA rules.

Is my federation an EDGA member?

Please check the EDGA member page to see if your federation is an EDGA member.

Can I take my wheelchair and Paragolfer in the plane?

Transportation of a manual wheelchair is no problem, however transportation of the Paragolfer is only possible if the aeroplane is large enough to transport the Paragolfer. You can find the measurements and weight of the Paragolfer on the manufacturers website which you’ll find on our useful links page and we’ve also added a link to the product PDF containing sizes and weights (p68 on the PDF)

How does the Order of Merit work?

Please click here for a complete explanation of the EDGA Order of Merit rankings along with recent rankings.

I can´t find my name on the EDGA registration list

Send an email to mail@edgagolf.com to inform us that your name is missing on the EDGA registration list. If you are a new EDGA player it can take 3-4 weeks before the list has been updated.

How can I change my congu handicap to an EGA handicap?

Players with non EGA handicaps shall be recalculated before the start of the tournament. The formula for recalculation of the playing handicap, given by The EGA is:
Non EGA playing handicap + course rating minus par.

Example, non EGA handicap 20, course rating 72.8, par 72.

Playing handicap, 20+ 72.8 - 72 = 20 + 0.8 = 20.8, playing handicap is 21.

Not all computers accept non EGA handicaps, therefore the recalculated playing handicaps = number of strokes. For these players this shall be written on their scorecards and on score boards by hand.

In normal circumstances, the player shall play the entire tournament with the same handicap. (The EGA Handicap System, Decisions and Interpretations: 2004 / 2005 / 2006).

Does the EDGA play in golf handicap categories or in Human handicap categories?

EDGA adopts the following EGA categories (1-5) and a further category (6) for players competing in tournaments:

Category 1:     Plus -  4.4

Category 2:      4.5 - 11.4

Category 3:     11.5 - 18.4

Category 4:     18.5 - 26.4

Category 5:     26.5 - 36.0

Category 6:     36.1 - 54.0

In the event of the number of players in a category being insufficient then two adjoining categories maybe combined:

Categories 1-3: will play stroke play

Categories 4-6: will play stableford